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Client Feedback

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Optimum Health Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York has changed many lives with our personalized and hands-on physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Find out what our clients are saying about us!

“I love it here. They're excellent! The staff is friendly and the physical therapists are amazing. Frances and Tony are the best! I came here after a bad experience at another PT place in Bay Ridge to rehab my shoulder.


I had a labrum surgery. Although PT is painful, the staff makes it as friendly and fun as possible. They're great! However, their policies on insurances are a bit confusing, but they cleared it up right away when I asked :) Otherwise, the place and the people are perfect!”

– Kate T.

“I have had chronic pain in my lower back for a year. Tried a couple of different PT offices; their treatment helped but the pain was coming right back. At 42, I tried to be active–I run and play soccer twice a week. But the pain still came back. Finally, I've ended up at Optimum and it was the best decision I have ever made. It took some time but here I am, pain-free!


I liked the office, friendly and helpful personnel, and familial atmosphere. I liked the way Francis approached my treatment. He started with a comprehensive (for a change) and accurate diagnosis. Each session would end with stretching, which for me, made a whole lot of difference.


In other PT offices, they never offered stretching. Now I am back to running and playing soccer, and the pain is not coming back anymore! As I said, these guys are simply AMAZING! I definitely recommend them to everybody!”

– Slava R.

“I started here for a minor but long-term painful arm and shoulder issues that hindered my workouts. They also hadn't been cured by my regular acupuncturist and several qualified personal trainers. Yet, after a few sessions with Dr. Tony, I felt 100% better! He's also incredibly personable and we laugh a lot.


Everybody in the office is also cool. The front desk staff and PT aides, Judy and Tina, were quick to help me get an appointment and discuss insurances. I NEVER wait for my appointment since they are always on time. They are also super friendly every time I see them. It's strange to say this, but my visits are really fun and I look forward to them. I will be disappointed not to come in once I'm fully recovered.”

– Roman S.

 “I was diagnosed with a bulging disc on my cervical spine and needed PT before I can do any MRI. I never done any PT before and didn't know what to expect. I went to this one clinic first and after three sessions, I started to look for another place because I was still in much pain and their therapist gave me creeps. Then, I found this place and only after three sessions, I felt so much better!


Firstly, the office is clean and welcoming. The staff and therapists are great, too. Secondly, I've never waited for more than 15 minutes. Other medical offices overbook appointments and you will wind up spending 2 hours waiting for a 15-minute session. Here, you will be accommodated 99 % on time. Lastly, all the therapists are wonderful because they don't just put you on a machine and spend five minutes with you.


They actually spend a good part of the session on manual therapy. Susanna has been working on my spine and her hands are magical. She goes in and tries to get out all the knots so they won’t press on my nerves. She does all these stretches on me that by the time my session is finished, I feel anew. I'm just so excited that I no longer have tingles and numbness running down my arms. I can't thank you enough for making me feel better. Definitely a 5-star place!”

– Cindy C.

“I've been going to a different therapy place for the last month and decided to visit Optimum Health. My first impression was it has a nice, clean, and friendly staff. They really take the time to tend to your needs and work on whatever problems you are having. I came in for a swollen ankle and after my first visit, I felt better. I highly recommend this place to anyone in need of therapy services!”

– Joe W.

“This place is awesome. I have three herniated discs and have been to a few different physical therapists. These guys are just a cut from a different cloth than everyone else I've seen. Francis, Sue, and Tony all seem to work in tandem, getting to the root of the issue. In other places, it was a crap shoot on whether I'd get the "good" therapist. These three all rock!


This is the first place that I've had a hands-on treatment. How the other places didn't work out the giant knots in my lower back amazes me. Only after seeing these guys did I realize how bad the rest were. They would use a large pad type massager which didn't really help. These guys will really work hard on the problem areas with their fingers, hands, knuckles, elbows, knees, and even a foot. And it felt soooooo good after!


About three months ago, I couldn't walk, stand, or sit for very long. After visiting them for a while, I feel as if I'm 95% fine right now. I’m fully confident that they will help me become 100% recovered. As of now, I can get through the day without experiencing problems anymore. 


The staff is really nice. It’s never crowded, too. Their music is also never the crappy "massage CD" of waves and birds or something, it’s seriously good. And you rarely wait for more than 5 – 10 minutes for your appointed time, which really means a lot when you are in pain!”

– DJ Faffen M.

“I had to run a marathon in a few months and had a lot of problems during training. I pulled my hamstring and had some issues with my knees during running, but I couldn't compromise on my training. Tony and Susanna really helped me with the recovery process.


Tony also recommended Kinesio taping for my knees for added support and structure. This drastically reduced the pain whenever I run. I finished the marathon without any major problems, just some really sore legs! Lol. I highly recommend this place for any sports-related injuries.”

– Vishal G.

“I have nothing but great things to say about this facility. The front desk people are very nice, kind, and helpful. Francis, Susanna, and Tony are great, very knowledgeable, and patient PTs. I strained my back a few weeks ago and have improved significantly after five sessions.”

– Sandy H.

“Thank you to the staff and therapists for giving me 100% attention during my six-week recovery. It was tough and painful, and I thought my shoulder and calf muscle would never get better. Your positive attitude and energy helped get me back to where I should be. Thank you.”

– Maria I.

“I went here for six weeks with hopes of strengthening my injured knee (partial torn meniscus and a loose ACL). Well, as of right now, I have no issues and been holding up quite well–thanks to them! The staff was great and are always welcoming. They talk and joke with you as if they were your friends. I definitely recommend them.”

– Michael C.

“I've been meaning to write this review for some time. I've been coming here for a few months now due to back issues. On my first visit, Francis immediately identified what was wrong and placed me on the appropriate regime. I'm not fully recovered yet. There are some lingering pains on rare occasions, but compared to where I was initially, I would say I'm 90% better.



In terms of the staff, if it weren't for insurance reasons, I'd hangout there all day! They are fun and upbeat whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism. Francis, Tony, and Susanna are really thorough and will ask you to keep them updated on your condition. The trainers there are also on point and work well with the physical therapists. I definitely recommend giving this place a try.”

– Johnny C.

“Francis and Antoine are awesome, their technique is working. I was about to give up (as I had already spent some time with other PTs) when I found them.  If you are experiencing ache from shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, or shoulder impingement---they are your guys. I am so pleased to have found them. I was able to lift my arm above my head to put on a shirt without pain after eight visits.

Thumbs up on the care and compassion!”

  – Barbara S.

“Tony and Francis are the best! I hopped around to see a few physical therapists before I ended up here. Nobody else I saw matched their professionalism, technique, knowledge, and pleasantness. They do a lot of manual therapy, so you will see the results quickly.


To top that off, they coordinate really well and share the same philosophy, so there will be no issues being accommodated by different therapists to treat your issues.”

– Frayda K.

“I came in with an aching shoulder and limited range of motion. I left pain-free and able to move my arm just like before. Enough said? Well, no. I also must add that both Francis and Tony are MASTERS at what they do. They are caring healers who abide by the oath they took to serve their patients. I could not recommend any office more than this one. I am so glad I found them.”

 – Vladimir V.

“Tony and Francis are excellent physical therapists. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is clean, and the equipment is top notch. I went to Optimum Health Physical Therapy to rehab my hip after surgery. The guys brought me back to my normal life in no time at all. My surgeon was very pleased with the results.”

  – John B.

“This is a unique and exceptionally high-caliber organization. I’m a retired RN and have many years of experience with physical therapists. Tony and Francis are truly outstanding. The amount of personalized "hands-on" care is phenomenal. The modalities they provide are truly therapeutic and beneficial. Their trigger point massage, manipulation, stretching, and other hands-on care will not be found elsewhere.


Other places spend three to four minutes "hands-on" care and the rest will be self-guided exercises, with or without machines. I have never experienced such hands-on treatment by two pleasant, knowledgeable, and caring professionals. I HIGHLY recommend them. I have been seeing them for almost a month for knee osteoarthritis and my improvement is remarkable! Thank you, gentlemen!”

– Ellen P.R.

“Dr. Francis and Antoine were polite, amazing, well mannered, down-to-earth, and extremely friendly. They definitely don't make it feel like you are in a doctor's office. I left their office feeling much better and with a smile on my face. I highly recommend them and if I need to come back, I would not hesitate. Thank you so much!”

 – Kiriam M.

“Francis is friendly, fun to be around, and committed to helping his patients heal. He really knows his stuff and will give you the kind of attention that you wish was more commonplace in the medical profession. Even when he's twisting an arm or leg in a way that would normally cause a patient great stress or pain, Francis keeps the sessions light and remarkably fun.


When I first walked into his office, I couldn't move my wrist at all. With Francis' help, knowledge, patience, and humor, we were able to get my wrist moving full range in all directions without any pain in just a few months. He's a great guy!”

– Andy M.

“I went to this clinic and was treated extremely well.  My pain is all gone and I felt a thousand times better! I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is need of a physical therapist! This experience was above and beyond any other physical therapy experience I've ever had! If you ever need treatment, you should definitely go here!”

– Jill E.

“Francis and Antoine, thank you for making me feel better. I am pain-free now and I feel more confident. It was a good idea that I came to see you because I was getting ready for a surgery, but because of you, I was able to avoid it. Thank you again.


I highly recommend Optimum Health Physical Therapy, a friendly and cozy place with excellent care and perfect knowledge. These guys know what they are doing. Best wishes and keep up the good work!”

– David D.

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